Free Cooperative Games for Children

No Elimination Simon Says

Directions: This works well for groups of 10-20 people. Divide the large group into two teams. Both teams play Simon Says independently so there are two games running in parallel.  It’s fun for the two teams to be just a short distance away from one another–close enough so that members can keep an eye on […]

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Directions: This game is like the Infinite Story Game described above. Except in this case, players begin their part of the story either with the word “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately.” They then proceed to tell a fortunate or unfortunate development in the story line. Fortunate and Unfortunate parts of the story alternate. For example Player 1 […]

Infinite Story

Directions: Make a story as a group. Each person adds a sentence or two that takes off from where the person before them left the story. Game is over when everyone has a chance (or two or three chances, etc.) to contribute. Notes: You may want to start the group off by providing the first […]


Directions: This game is a cooperative version of Hide and Seek. Kids can play it indoors or out. The player who is “It” hides first. Then everyone tries to find “It”. When a player finds “It” he or she stays in the hiding spot spot. The game is over when everyone huddles together in the […]

The Trust Fall

Directions: A small group stands in a circle should-to-shoulder while a volunteer stands in the middle. When the volunteer and group are ready, the volunteer falls with arms at his side and feet in place into the surrounding ring of friends. Needless to say, this builds trust. Notes: Take common sense precautions with this game: play […]

Please, Please Smile!

Directions: There are a couple versions of this game. In one version, a child sits in a parent’s lap. The child says to the parent “I love you but will you please, please smile?” The parent responds, “I love you but I just can’t smile!” The game is over when either player smiles, smirks, or snickers. […]

Clap Happy

Directions: Assemble a fun group of friends, family, co-workers, etc… A volunteer leaves the group while those remaining decide on a gesture or position that the volunteer should strike. For example, the group may decide that the volunteer should salute or touch her toes. When the volunteer returns to the group, she randomly strikes different poses. […]

Blob Tag

Directions: In this version of tag, “It” chases the other players and tries to tag them. But in this case, when “It” tags someone, the two join hands. Every time another player is tagged, he or she joins hands with the growing blob of “It”. Notes: Play this game outside in an area free of obstacles […]