Hi Suzanne

Thanks for the message regarding my order.

I want to wish you well in taking over for Ken and Jann. Our game closet was stocked with the games they carried (although Save the Whales was the favorite…my youngest was afraid of bees, so the Hive game was prematurely shelved!). I wish all families played these cooperative games together.

My children are now 30, 28 and 23 and they and their friends still talk about the hours spent playing and how Jess and Andy’s mom was always trying to get them to cooperate! The friend I am buying the game for is a guidance counselor now and dedicates her life to finding win/win solutions to teens’ problems. She will get such a kick out of receiving this game and will lovingly store it until her son is old enough to play.

I bought the second game for me…who knows, maybe the grown kids will play with me before grandchildren come along! Our original game fell apart from much loving use. My business partner’s kids sometimes come to visit (they are 9 and 6) and I hope to introduce them, as well.

Best of luck to you in reaching a whole new generation of families. I will continue spreading the word!