Frost. F.

Hi(Ken and Jann) –

I just tapped into the internet to see if I could find you. My sons are now 21 and 24 and I haven’t seen one of your catalogs for years, but I remembered your beautiful family pictures and stories and wanted to try to find you. I reacted with sadness to see that the company is no longer in your hands, but know there is probably a good reason, and I fully support whatever it takes to keep your own lives good.

We ordered games from you every year. They became part of our own family history, played to celebrate or to comfort. It’s a good thing you made them to last, because now I play these with my nieces, who love Whales, Beavers, and Bees.

I wish now I’d saved some of those catalogs, just to have. But under no circumstances will I ever part with the games! You made something extremely beautiful, and it warmed and blessed countless people for many years, and will for years. My deepest thanks for sharing your talent, creativity and family at the level you did, in years when commercial outlook ruled. I can’t say enough, but thanks…

– Frost F.