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We are a shop that is 100% dedicated to cooperative games and playthings. We sell cooperative board games, books, and toys for use at home, in school and at the workplace.  Besides cooperative games and playthings for kids of all ages, we carry games for grown-ups and mixed-age groups, too.  We search the world for great cooperative games and bring them to you along with games we produce ourselves. Everything you will find at this site nurtures the spirit of cooperation through play.

We are a resource center where you can learn more about cooperative games. Because cooperative play isn’t widely discussed, and because its benefits are many, we are an information hub for the topic.  At CooperativeGames.com, you’ll find background info, the latest research on cooperative games and learning, plus plenty of good conversation and community.

We are a publisher of cooperative play programs for schools.  Who said learning can’t be fun? And who said we have to compete to learn? Cooperative games can be great tools for teaching subjects ranging from math to language arts to PE. Of course, they are great for social-and-emotional learning and establishing a positive school climate too. We produce and distribute downloadable curricula, teaching tips, and classroom-ready cooperative games.

Browse our store to find the best cooperative games and playthings to use at home, in schools, and at social gatherings of all kinds. Enjoy!

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We personally guarantee that you will love the games and playthings we offer. We only sell products that we know and can recommend. When shopping with us, you will find your favorite cooperative board games, plus fair-trade prices and fast, friendly shipping with recycled shipping materials. We are a small family business, founded by Suzanne Lyons—an Earth scientist, educator, science textbook author and educational materials developer, and a mom of two teenagers—who thinks that what the world needs now is a little more cooperative play!  We donate 10% of our profits to organizations that support people in need, education, and the environment.



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By playing Co-opoly, players discover the unique benefits, challenges, and operations of the cooperative world – as well as the skills needed to participate in a co-op! Fun for teens and adults! Sustainably and ethically produced in the USA–by a Co-op of course!